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By JonC (registered) | Posted January 04, 2010 at 17:32:32

The system we have today is actually one of the wealthy pricing the poor out of their neighbourhoods wherein land value is determined not by average home upkeep but by the average paycheque. Of course, I suspect your puritan mind would equate poor with lazy and vice versa.

The people moving into those higher priced homes accept a higher rate of taxation as a price to pay to not have to live among the others. The amount is written on the listing, so it's not exactly a surprise. People living along the escarpment know they are paying a premium relative to people a few blocks away when they buy the home. That's part of the cost. To quote myself from earlier "Overall, switching to a straight square footage system would do is penalize those living in currently less desirable neighbourhoods and reward those living in", and apparently I didn't finish my thought, 'more desirable neighbourhoods'.

Just admit that what you are suggesting is method to eliminate progressive taxation and we can move on from there. Then you can move directly onto a tax rate per person instead of unfairly taxing people, just for having a spacious home.

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