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By OracleOfHamilton (registered) | Posted January 03, 2010 at 17:09:10

Hi Keanin Your first priority is to get a job. Any job. Don't be fussy.After that, consider getting a job in Toronto that will utilize your excellent skills. Even if you have to commute, it would be better than languishing in Hamilton which does not have many decent jobs to choose from. Your wife should also get a job - any job - till your family is stabilized. Don't muse about whether in Hamilton one can fufil one's dreams, at this stage. You can do that later once you are more established. I fear that if you take too long in getting started, your entire project may fall off the rails. I have seen that happen before - marriages, family ties, friendships all get strained. I regret to sound so negative or doomsdayish but I think a healthy dose of realism now will pay dividends later. Good luck!

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