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By Irving (anonymous) | Posted January 01, 2010 at 23:53:37

A sign of the times: I don't think it's Jason who lacks familiarity with the U.S. political system. Since when does control of the House constitute "absolute power in voting for or against policy"? And how exactly do you pinpoint 2006 as the point at which the economy went "down the crapper"? Were lending practices hunky dory prior to that? You don't seem to be capable of crafting any coherent points, only drawing false causality from events you don't really understand. For example, you've trotted out the same tired Freddie and Fannie nonsense, conveniently overlooking the fact that over 84% of subprime mortgages in 1986 were handed out by private institutions. Assuming you're capable of extracting your brain from your anal cavity, here's something that will hopefully provide a helpful tug.

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