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By d.knox (registered) | Posted January 01, 2010 at 20:41:39

The Regal Hotel (what a grand name for that dreadful place) was rented out by the week (that's what the dilapidated sign announced), so legally, the notice period is 28 days (or thereabouts). Weekly tenancies are common in this type of accommodation. The absolute best case scenario, although quite unlikely to be upheld, would be monthly tenancy, so no more than 60 days notice would have been required. Landlords are allowed to terminate tenancies for a variety of reasons and there are protocols for this termination. It may be that the proper procedures weren't followed, but that doesn't mean that otherwise, the former tenants would still be living there.

The place is no longer a hotel; there has been a change of use. Assuming that this situation was a perfectly legal, a normal landlord-tenant relationship, the tenants still wouldn't have a place to live there, because the landlord has changed businesses. There is nothing illegal about this. People have the right to change businesses.

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