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By canbyte (registered) | Posted December 31, 2009 at 21:25:15

I want to make a point....

Wood said

Quote: " * Systematic inspections * Reports from Fire, Public Health and Building Departments prior to licensing * Increased resources for inspections and license fees to cover their cost * Training for operators * Exploration of a rooming house rating system * Co-ordination of social service workers with inspection services

..... Another positive development was a recent change to the by-law reflecting the fact that these facilities house, harbour or intend to harbour four or more persons. This should make enforcement more effective....."

[please insert appropriate word here]

"..... rooming house stock shrinks, the numbers of unattached individuals who might seek accommodation in rooming houses continues to grow."

As far as i am concerned, the word to insert is "Therefore".

Some folks want to switch the two parts and insert the same word! (Hope that doesn't strain the brain too much :-)
Putting things backwards will not work but that is how public policy seems to work these days. Oh well, we're due for a correction that will undo all the garbaceous ideas in people's minds and crappy regulation will fall apart of its own accord. Get ready.

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