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By A sign of the times ... (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2009 at 00:21:37

@A Smith,

Although I acknowledge both medical systems have their flaws, Canada's system is FAR from perfect. Having to wait 8+ hours in the ER is totally unacceptable and is third-world like. Free health care for those who abuse the system and clog up ER's is a disgrace. Over worked, under paid health care workers is an embarassment. And the list goes on ... I really hope a two-tier health care system is implemented large scale. It already exists and like it or not, it's coming. Let those who can't afford the private system continue to use the public system and those who can afford it, use it. It will save lives and reduce wait times. Some of the biggest oponents to private care have used it ... Paul Martin, Bob Rae and of course, Jean Cretien.


The US economy will take decades to fully recover. Blaming Bush for everything is getting old. Obama's in power now and his administration is digging America a hole that our generation won't get out of. Scary to think our largest customer is going completely broke.


Isn't there a candle light vigil for the homeless going on in Gore Park? Please go to it and stay.

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