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By John Neary (registered) | Posted December 30, 2009 at 17:36:46

Tammany >> "for a couple or family looking to live in the downtown, there just isn't the sort of retail ready at hand to support a middle class household."

As a young middle class guy living in the middle of Beasley, I respectfully disagree. Besides the food I grow or obtain from farm shares, I buy groceries at Maker's Market (Ferguson and King, or James and Colbourne), the Farmer's Market (York and MacNab), Food Basics (Mary and Barton), and the independent South Asian, Mexican, and Italian grocery stores on James North. I buy hardware from Arruda's (Hughson and Barton), gardening supplies from Tregunno Seeds (Catherine and Wilson), stationery from Mixed Media (James and Cannon) and Grand and Toy (Jackson Square), and kitchen supplies from Chris's Store Fixtures (James and Murray). There's a Beer Store at Barton and Elgin and an LCBO in Jackson Square.

How many suburban neighbourhoods have that many shops within 1 km?

Downtown Hamilton has more problems than many other city centres, but even with all of the parking lots and abandoned buildings and urban highways, there's still a lot going on here. It appears emptier than it is because it was built very densely in the first place. By contrast, suburban neighbourhoods built with a lower density can appear more lived-in even when there's nothing really there.

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