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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted December 30, 2009 at 03:21:21

Capitalist: Let us put by gones behind us, ok? I talk about the system because it is cruel, plain and simple. If I have problems, where does that leaves those who may have "issues". People can make mistakes, does that mean they should suffer? Sometimes it is easy to sit back and judge, yet not walk in the shoes of someone else. There was a story last winter I believe in the globe and mail, where a drunk, saved someone from drowning. When asked about their life, family members had been murdered, which affected them. Some people carry pain that is not so visible.

I have already checked into second career and I will have to fight teeth and nail, just to qualify, as I was not laid off but lost my job again to workplace bullying. One of my employers was the type that on a daily basis either yelled, screamed, slammed doors, threw things, kicked things acrossthe office, who was even hitting their own family member.

I went to the forum at the Art Gallery where they explained the changes to human rights commission, I asked a question about my human rights re employment issues, as my claim would not qualify under human rights. The majority of the calls the commission is getting is from people like myself, who cannot afford legal services, that you cannot get legal aid for employment issues and the legal clinics do not help either. Of all the lawyers there, not one had an answer. There is no law that protects a worker from workplace bullying, period. If you have a union, you are entitled to grieivance but that can be a long process as well. I would refer you to our female police officers and their fight.

Where is the justice? Can we close our eyes, to things that the working class fought for and we are losing. It is not right or left, it is about issues and what is just and right, that is what I talk about.

So to appeal to your conservative nature, I would suggest that you spend some time, checking things out, as to how the system is failing many. In punishing those who you deem as undesirable, you also hurt many other people. The poor did not cause the situation downtown, it was the powers to be. Remember now it was government?(back by who) kicked all those with mental health issues into the streets. The big banks back the pay day loans. Dollar stores, well going to high class places, things are still made in the same place, you just pay more, because of "branding", "brainwashing", corporatism"???

Re: the labour studies program, it enhances my background in payroll,almost 20 years, WSIB and Occupational Health and Safety, I have done all payrollfunctions, except hire and fire.Also I have learned about the labour movement and where reform needs to happen.


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