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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2009 at 00:11:29


First, in an earlier post under this topic I gave a clear description of whom I considered "bums". Based on what you told me about your situation I clearly do not put you in that camp as you are someone who works for a living and sought education/training to improve your lot, however you have since experienced some misfortune which was beyond your control. Please take the time to scroll up and read it and you will hopefully understand the distinction that I make.

Second, you called me "a arrogant, selfish, egotistical person, who lives and judges people". In addition to these insults in an earlier post you called me a "Harissite" (which clearly was not meant as a complement) and under another topic you once called me a "moron". I do not recall ever levying a personal insult at you that uses the same strong language that you have directed towards me. I will leave it to other readers of this post to make their own judgements about you based on these comments.

Third, and I mean this sincerely, I do have sympathy for your situation. I know what it is like to be unemployed (again, please scroll up to read my earlier post), that is why I will take back that "cutting your welfare cheque" crack I laid on you and issue an apology. Had I known that it had personal connotations I never would have written it.

Fourth, in your post it appears that you are having trouble solidifying steady employment despite having a post sec education. Please don't take this as an insult but only as a mere observation, but could it be that your skill set (you mention labour studies) is not in great demand by employers? You may want to look into the following program if you have not yet done so.

Grassroots, despite all our differences and all the personal insults that you have hurled at me I do wish you good fortune.

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