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By Really? (registered) | Posted December 29, 2009 at 17:06:10

The City has to reasess it's Affordable Housing/Social Services policies ASAP!

The fact that the vast.. VAST majority of Affordale Housing/Social Service Units are concentrated around the Downtown (Stinson, Lansdale, Beasley, North End, Strathcona) is unacceptable, and is the PRIME REASON people/business avoid Downtown Hamilton.

No matter how many Streetscaping Pojects, Public Art additions or Urban Brail you add is not going to help the increasing number of poor/scary/angry/aggressive people taking over the Downtown. It's seriously becoming a ghetto of social services! People may come by to take a peak at the new AGH, but they probably wont stick around to eat/shop/play.

Does anyone ever wonder why Downtown can't land any big name retailer? Maybe you should all email MEC for their reasons..

Maybe it has something to do with that fact that the 'majority' of residents Downtown can't afford to support themselves, nevermind a new back-pack or mountain bike. Why do you think every second store is either a Dollar/Discount or Pay Day Loan hut? B.c they're simply catering to the clientelle.

Perhaps this is why I, as a Downtown Hamilton resident, find myself shopping in Downtown Toronto every couple of weeks? I actually find it more comfortable/convenient for me to GO Bus it to Union Stn than take the super-packed 25 Upper Wentworth to Limeridge (which doesn't have most stores I enjoy shopping at, anyway). And, side question, Why are the new Articulated Buses running 3/4 empty 20 A-Line routes when they should be on those like the 25 which is constantly packed. Branding?

Come On, Hamilton... Really!? Get your Priorities Straight! Spread the 'wealth' of Social Services ACROSS THE WHOLE CITY! You want to concentrate them around Transit Nodes? Here's a couple NON-DOWNTOWN nodes off the top of my head: Limeridge Mall, Valley Park, Ancaster Meadowlands, McMaster/Westdale, Centre Mall... (oh wait, that promised Transit Node was dropped just like the promised ped-friendly design of the Centre).

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