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By Tammany (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2009 at 12:04:14

"Many of the white collar workers you see dt are local, prov and federal employees. They have to be located dt for political reasons. Hamilton has been losing private sector white collar workers from the dt to other areas of the city of Burl/Oak (just go for a drive along the QEW)."

This is true.

The other large cadre of downtown white collar workers are those employed in the legal services sector ... and the only reason they are located downtown is because the Hamilton legal community is largely litigation driven and litigators need to be close to the court house (which is also located downtown largely for political reasons).

Aside from gov't and legal, there ain't much else. There are no head offices left to speak of (as far as I know).

We don't have much of a financial services sector in this city anymore either, just relatively minor branch offices with few high level employees (CIBC and Standard Life are exceptions, but their local offices have steadily shrunk in size over the last decade or so according to my understanding).

Just think, at one time the downtown was a major regional financial/insurance hub, and housed the head offices of some of the largest corporations in the country (often the Canadian subs of major US manufacturers). We had investment bankers, metals brokerages, etc. That was decades ago of course ...

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