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By Angela Browne (anonymous) | Posted December 28, 2009 at 23:24:07

A Smith should consider the massive subsidies given by taxpayers, including those that don't drive that pay for roads, highways, traffic lights, road policing, accident clean-up, environmental clean-up, parking lots, etc. that non-drivers don't benefit from, but still pay for ...

Maybe A Smith can read how much he gets subsidized as a single driver by the rest of us, including those that don't drive or can't due to disability or affordability. The Victoria Public Transport Institute, has published several studied by Todd Littman, which imply that a single driver pays only 50% of the true cost of their mode of transportation, while a transit user pays about two thirds.

As a taxpayer, I resent my money going to subsidize automakers that will only turn around and support more congestion on my community's roads and further divide the haves and the have nots in my community. Maybe employers should start to smarten up and hire people that use public transit as opposed to drive a car, for starters ...

A Smith has the same elitist, me-first attitude that many employers in my region have towards hiring qualified persons that can do a job, except deny them for the sake of not having a driver's license ... and NO, these jobs are NOT driving jobs ... these are in-office jobs.

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