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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted December 28, 2009 at 10:48:19

@ Community Builder

I agree that we can learn a great deal from the Strickland/Pittsburgh story. I think some people were quick to dismiss this as pigeonholing a Pitt solution in Hamilton. Obviously, there are differences between the two cities, but there are important similarities. I was intrigued by his work in getting U. of Pitt Med. School as an anchor tenant at his new building in a former Civil Rights riot neighbourhood. It is frustrating to watch our own home town University operate as an island. For instance, when they were planning these great Business buildings in the last 15 years, wouldn't it have been great if they had set up an entire campus downtown? Instead, they cram buildings onto the main campus or build them on service roads out of town. That train has sailed, but the planned Medical Centre is an opprtunity that should not be squandered. I live in West Hamilton, and I am pleased with the recent events at MIP, but the Medical Centre should not be there - it should be central, ie, downtown.

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