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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted December 28, 2009 at 00:36:53

A Smith: Well even at 9.50, people are not making it and when it goes up again, the costs to live keep going up as well, so what can I say.

Let me ask you a question if labour standards were set internationally, do you think that capital would move around as much? Do you think it is fair say for you to lose your job, say you are making $12.00 per hour, to someone across the globe who is paid .15 cents per hour?

I believe in workers rights but let me ask you another question, do you think it is fair for a government worker to be earning $35.00 per hour for doing a job that would pay say around $15.00 in the private sector?

I do not know what the anwser is but something tells me something is going to give, as the bubble is about to burst.

So either people start working together, or we all we will all go down, one way or another.

If people do not have the money to buy what you are selling, then where does that leave you?

The current welfare rate is $3.65 per hour if you were to calculate it on a 40 hr week. I do believe that was what the minimum wage was 1977?

So have costs remained the same?

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