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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted December 27, 2009 at 11:32:58

Grassroots, please re-read my earlier post, you don't seem to be understanding what I have been saying.

In addition, you keep harping about how our social services "suck", well I have news for you - social services are supposed to suck (with the exception of those with legitimate disabilities). Being on welfare or living in subsidized housing should not afford people the opportunity to live the same standard of those who work for a living. If social services are too generous then why would people choose to work? Or improve their lot in life by obtaining new skills? We had this debate in the mid 90s and we elected (and reelected) Mike Harris to clean up the mess of an overly generous welfare system.

Dt hamilton is dominated by low income people, resulting in cheap retail and entertainment opportunities. There is nothing to offer the middle class in downtown Hamilton so they take their time and dollars elsewhere. The Royal Cannot project only makes this worse.

Since you don't seem to understand this I can only assume that you are a person who basically lives off of welfare all your life or you are employed as some sort of social worker who actually profits from the welfare industry in this city. In either case your arguments on this topic have become a bore.

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