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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted December 23, 2009 at 18:18:20

In my mind the Connaught had little to do with affordable housing for the many that struggle in our community. I saw it as more of bailing certain people out in our community, the developers. So before people get their hair tied in a knot, that I was specifically advocating for the Connaught.

Affordable husing is an issue for many across the province, I met and heard their stories, which mirror the many stories, here in our community.

All I was trying to say was, that 1,200 units across the province does little, when so many need. Anyways, I think that social housing needs to be looked at, considering the story about Mr Al Gosling, the senior who was evicted, left in the streets and who has now passed on. Can you imagine, being 82 years old, and coming home and finding you are locked out, with no place to go, you have lost all your belongings?

My question to thorw out there is, why haven't these "business" people done something with the building? Why would they try to opt out for public funding, yet out the other side of their mouths, they would be talking down those the struggle?

Talk about a welfare state? Those at the bottom get crumbs, meanwhile back at the ranch?????

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