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By d.knox (registered) | Posted December 19, 2009 at 11:29:45

It was a trip to the Netherlands which opened my eyes to another way of living. The bike routes! Large bike lanes, with intersections, running parallel to major highways. And well-dressed people riding sensible bikes. Wow. I wanted to move there. But, bring me back to Hamilton, and I went back to my car-life. I drove everywhere, and wanted to get through downtown Hamilton as quickly as possible. I was also eye-rollingly opposed to making James Street two-way. But James Street made me a believer. I'm ready to sacrifice some of the convenience of my car (sacrifice - but not eliminate). I guess this is a rather long way of saying - let's make the changes. Bring on the two-way streets. But try as I might, I can't resolve the King/Main/Dundurn Gordian Knot. Those on and off ramps...I'm thinking maybe a route through Cathedral Park with a bike/pedestrian bridge over to Glen Road. But it's not really in the spirit of shared space. Still, positive change.

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