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By Irving (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2009 at 01:27:39

Setting aside the political squabbling, do all of you seriously think Hamilton is unique in having panhandlers and other unsavory types in its downtown? I'm very familiar with Portland, Toronto, and Montreal, and I can tell you that you're viewing their downtowns through rose tinted glasses. Sure they're all great cities, but they're not utopias of prosperous, smiling, well-fed educated people who all shop at corner groceries and never drive out to Zeller's or Home Depot. I've spent a little time in Hamilton, and I think you guys are a little too hard on yourselves. But then, I thought the bingo parlor was kind of cool (it certainly has more local character than a Starbuck's), and I actually buy stuff at dollar stores. On the trendier side, I thought Denninger's was great (people in Portland would be all over something like that), and I found a couple of restaurants (Thai and Italian) that I thought were pretty damned good. Compared to many of the crapholes of similar or greater size in the United States, Hamilton's a nice place. Check out downtown Dallas sometime if you want to know what hell is. In the meantime, Hamilton's okay by me, and good luck with making it better.

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