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By Ben (anonymous) | Posted December 16, 2009 at 20:09:08

I remember when I attended the Jarvis Street bike lane debate at Toronto City Council a few months back. City Councilor Denzil Minan-Wong, surely the biggest dufus since Rob Ford, was asking why cyclists couldn't use the DVP trail or Sherbourne bike path to go north and south.

I remember thinking, why is it OK to ask cyclists - who are so much slower than cars - to make a 3 block diversion to get from A-B? Would we close a road and tell motorists to do the same?

I also often wonder, when I'm strolling along a busy sidewalk arm in arm with my missus - why most sidewalks are not wide enough to walk 2 people astride both ways? Why do I have to keep ducking out of people's way?!

There is a definite bias towards the car when planning our transportation infrastructure. It's as if we see the car and the truck as the life blood of our cities: The car keeps everything ticking. But is this really so? What would happen if we turned every extra car lane into a bike path?

(PS Ryan - Heeeelp! I can't login!)

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