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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted December 14, 2009 at 16:04:51

I don't know if I can opinionize this. I took the info & was confused. I would have loved to be part of this somehow and have several ideas but....I get lucky now & again.

Hopefully I can focus one way or another with my art abilities and be accepted/recognized here in my born city. Even though I won twice almost in a row for two separate paintings at same Art Centre, the only exposure I got is in the newsletter. In other words, ask any1(or most)..."have U heard of......?" anyway, I don't need to be anonymous it's just fun and not about me!

I will say this(hope I didn't repeat this) a giveaway who I am as I have art displayed at The Hive though sales way low for my art even after lowering my prices...

The Hive is doing very well for people/consumers spend up to $30. Many candles are just few bucks. They are moving to Ottawa St Jan. This place is owned by couple very very cool people and the odor reminds me of Zen (formerly Hemp store)...These candles made from pure bee's wax apparently remove bad crap/odors from the air.

I don't mind the move as far more space I learned at their new store on Ottawa St not far off Barton St.

I also learned 2 groups control Locke St & there's a conflict of interest?

I know the one group owns several buildings....I assume some1 from this list knows more than me .....

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