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By woody10 (registered) | Posted December 14, 2009 at 03:00:30

Family of five and a grocery budget of $800 a month (and that's shopping at Costco and Fortinos) Could do it on less (we buy a lot of organic which costs more usually) by doing no-frills, the market and more Costco so.....

But about downtown, more police are needed on their beat not in cars, and the (ready for comments) bums have to go. And by bums I mean the teenagers who's mentality of privilege sickens me to the core and the smoking welfare mom's AND dad's is nothing but child abuse (IMHO). Also, no more low income housing down there, my god, lets get everyone with little or no money crawling through the downtown.

When did we forget that when you get less help and you realize no help is coming you tend to work harder to survive, Europe showed this through both world wars for example. Yes a certain amount in todays society is required (I guess) but no one can deny the abuse of the system that tends to continue through the generations. And please don't jump on me in regards to the disabled etc. I'm refering to the able bodied and minded individuals who would rather have a cab drop off their beer than buy an extra bag of milk for their kids.

(cringing, waiting for the storm of replies)

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