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By Andrew (registered) | Posted December 12, 2009 at 02:26:36

Drivers pay their fair share already. They pay for gasoline (which is 50% tax), insurance (supports the finance sector), purchase an automobile (support's the sales, service, and manufacturing industry), driver's licence fee (supports safety and road maintenance), plate permit fee (supports safety and road maintenance), and parking fees (revenue for the city). Take away cars and drivers and you have a fruitless economy. Now I'm not saying it's so black a white.

What I would like to see is for transit providers stablize their books. Each year more and more people take transit due to the government pushing for more people to take it. Each year, the transit providers jack up their prices. Doesn't make sense. Riders should cover 100% of their fare, then you won't have a funding problem. The transit providers should actually make a profit to invest back into the system.

Here's my honest view:r. 1. Transit providers should cover 125% of their operating expense through fares. 2. Transit providers should cut down on operating expenses. 3. Businesses should be more open to spread out their offices so employees don't have to travel very far. 4. Transit should be faster than taking the car. 5. Transit should be economical even when owning a car. 6. Support the car and transit industry, both complimenting each other. 7. The government should not create a false market where they manipulate the cost of driving to drive the use of transit, then raise the price of transit. 8. Keep fares low, service fast, and social, and increased customer service. 9. No tolling of roads. In Ontario, we seem to take everything to the extreme. A toll charge in Florida would be $0.25, but here it would be $3.00. 10. The government has to bear some responsibility to cut down expenses and improve efficiency. 11. Incentives for businesses to build in local communities. 12. Build modern LRT systems in advance of growth in growth centers. 13. Make the airport a central hub for transportation in the GTA. 14. Remove centralization of transporation of downtown Toronto else where. Growth is not happening in the core anymore. People are moving out and around.

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