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By hellovagal (registered) | Posted December 12, 2009 at 00:04:52

Kudos to Mr. Kahn and to everyone like him..We need whistleblowers.In the end,it's always the poor taxpayers who have to pay for the mistakes,laziness,corruption,of our elected and appointed officials?? who don't give a fig about anybody else except's all just about greed and getting pats on the back for sticking it to all of us..There isn't much good water left anymore and everybody in the govt. is Bull crapping us about this Green's just a tax's disgusting...pigs at the trough..all of them...why bother to elect anybody?..they are all the same and they don't care about anything except their pensions..they make big faux pas,and then retire and leave the mess to the next pig...or they move somewhere else...absolutely disgusting..makes me sick..who can have any respect for these people...they figure that because they have a private office and go for lunch with important people,they deserve respect..well,they don't...they don't work hard enough and what makes it more disgusting is,they get rid of people who rock the's about time somebody dug up the smell and exposed it to the world...

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