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By mike (registered) | Posted December 11, 2009 at 19:45:05


Sure, more people are in the downtown per area. Don't you need to compare the amount of road per person too? Simply saying more people pay for the roads in the core doesn't mean anything. Out in the rural areas, roads are primarily a grid system such as the concessions and intersections are few and far between. There's a much higher percentage of paved space in the core than there is in the rural areas.

I'm not arguing either way (I'm still undecided) but I think that a more logical conclusion would be to simply find out how many meters of road exist per person in, Say, Flamborough compared to ward 14 or 15. Sure, sidewalks, intersections and lights make a significant difference, too, but to start I think that the comparison would even the scales a bit. The ratio of taxpaying citizens to kilometer of road still probably means that ward 14 pays for more services, and as such deserves more, but it'd still make a difference.

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