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By canbyte (registered) | Posted December 10, 2009 at 09:42:34

You said :" We need to get those running for office to .....

We need to throw the bums out, especially Morelli of Ward 3, champion of all your favourite social agencies. Except he has a self fulfilling strategy that is too hard to beat: 1 be a heavy and 2 import your voters and make sure they live in your ward by making more social housing.

Many posters see the problem - sad sacks all over and also that social housing pays no taxes so what is the city supposed to run on?

Odd that above seems to have missed the political angle. I'll keep an eye here to see if anyone picks up on this - suggest a strategy to get common minds working together.

BTW, the agencies he mentions at the end i suspect to be quite useless - more of the same smug attitude i see in our local newspaper. I don't think they really want change. Never mind, it will come anyway but not in the way you expect. When the crisis hits, it will sweep all before it. The system will be purged and renewal will come at last. Are you ready? No? Ok, vote me down.

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