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By canbyte (registered) | Posted December 10, 2009 at 09:12:24

It is unclear how the city makes it money these days.... What are municipal taxes like? Does the city have much debt? Are they being subsidized? Public transit, services & amenities? Condition of roads?

There is greater fear this time not only that the American economy is in rough shape, but also that the position and status that the USA has enjoyed up until now is .....

going down the toilet.

Obama is being unmasked for what he is - same team as Bush. Both openly acknowledge NWO stuff. This is a real threat as shown in Copenhagen Treaty (Clause 38) which destroys democratic constitutions. By the time greens figure out they've been duped, globe will be cooler, we will be serfs with no rights & chips in our bodies, America will have had another civil war/uprising, Canada will have reacted to that by ?splitting up? in which case Ontario becomes rust bucket outpost except mining industry, health care/ pensions/ welfare will be gone due to the expense of WW3. Optimistic, eh! Well, to avoid that future, we better start reacting - could start by clawing back bankers bonuses. As Plato said, our silence gives consent.

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