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By frank (registered) | Posted December 09, 2009 at 16:16:17

From grassroot's earlier comment:

"Frank writes: My first paying job was delivering newspapers and Sears catalogues -something that's spit on by job seekers these days.

A group in the community on workers rights did an investigation into a local newspaper, who subcontracts these types of jobs out. They are paid peanuts, they are denied being put on a proper payroll, in which EI, CPP or even taxes would be deducted. How about access to WSIB if they got injuried? Who is ensuring the Occupational Health and Safety issues are addressed? No, people like him never ask the hard questions, they are too busy poor bashing."

I said my first job... that was a job when I was 14? maybe 13. Sears catalogues was even earlier. I was brought up in a much different way than people are brought up these days. I didn't need CPP or EI or WSIB. I rode a bike and delivered newspapers. It's not meant to be a fulltime job, it's meant to provide supplemental income. Can you not read a full paragraph and grasp a concept before jumping on single sentences? The reason I brought up that point was to demonstrate that what many people today view as entitlements, I don't. When you're working as a paper delivery person, you don't need EI or CPP or WSIB in fact the costs to do that kind of thing would essentially make the job worthless. They don't get paid much because they don't work much. In fact, when I delivered papers, I worked about 45 minutes to an hour and that was for over 100 houses. We collected money from the people at the door and our wage was maybe 3 cents a paper plus tips. What it did teach me is the value of money, how to save and how to spend. Something kids and adults these days are lacking in spades...

You seem to enjoy implying all kinds of things about what I'm saying and how I feel about the less fortunate while refusing to address the actual statements I'm making. It doesn't take a genius to see you have a passion for poor people and that's fantastic. Many of us do, the point we're discussing in this forum isn't whether or not there should be poor people downtown but rather why there's such a disparity between the number of poor people downtown compared to other parts of the city or compared to other socio-economic groups downtown.

If you'd like to discuss welfare reform, write an article and have it posted, I'm tired of your tunnel vision.

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