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By Really? (registered) | Posted December 03, 2009 at 17:30:44

Listerine >> "Are you talking about the same 'progressive' Mac that kicked the B-line off campus? If it's up to them it'll end up on Main St"

They removed the buses from campus to make it a more ped-friendly design. It's a smart idea in theory; if only Mac had their own Campus Shuttle Bus to connect Sterling to Main St to GO Terminal and all Residence Quads. Then removing all buses would make a lot of sense.

The B-Line's main attraction is SPEED! So, if you want to get from Mac to Downtown very quickly, you're not going to take a bus that zips around corners, makes turns, and has several stops within a single campus... No. You're going to want the fastest, most direct link from Point A to Point B. Hence why removing the B-Line from campus does make sense.

Disclaimer: I hated the idea of removing buses at first, too... until I thought long & hard about it. Now it makes sense. No vehicle traffic = a calm, relaxing learning environment. Put a small shuttle bus within campus to connect it's Nodes, and voila. Logic.

So yes, I hope the B-Line stop DOES end up on Main Street, near University Avenue by the Hospital.

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