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By Really? (registered) | Posted December 03, 2009 at 13:22:06

madmatt, you seem to have a typical Hamilton view; "How is this better for ME" Is it really better to have your young children crossing Cannon Street (which is an speedway), walking through a parking lot to access the store's front entrance? Or would it be better for your young children to walk up a safe, pedestrian-busy street like James, where the main entrance of the shop faces the street rather than a large parking lot?

Also, James is no Locke Street, don't be mistaken! James has a far, FAR ways to go before it reaches Locke 'status'. Do you see a Starbucks?

James North has troubles keeping non-italian/portugese-related shops open. I believe Rajin' Cajun has recently closed? Too bad.

So, don't be fooled by a successful Once-A-Month gathering; Although the Artists & Co have helped James North, again, it's far from where it should be! And the loss of a Big Name Tenant is just a slap in the face to a Downtown that cannot attract or retain big names.

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