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By cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted November 30, 2009 at 13:21:28

I completely agree with James. You can't expect people to pay more in taxes for a virtually none existing ROTTEN, HORRIBLE, USELESS none-service that is presented to them as a taxable white elephant.

More taxes will give the 'Burbs 'better bus service' in future? LOLS!! That will Never happen. That will come in handy, once nobody cares about public transit or a bus service any more. They will just get into their cars (as many cars as is needed for the family to work, go to school. shop etc.)& their feet will never again darken the steps of a HSR bus.

(I wonder Where it is that the people who complain overtime about traffic congestion, pollution, gridlock, one way streets in mid town think these cars are coming from & going to? If you already Have Decent bus service, are low to middle income, chances are that you are NOT using a car to get around to start with!! So Who should we be seeing as a target group for HSR clients? Maybe the people who cannot use the awful service they have? Perhaps people are sick of commuting to Toronto, Mississauga, Stoney Creek, Niagara, etc., & would dearly Love to get on a bus that goes to a Go Bus/Train, or LRT in Hamilton & travel in safety to their destinations? Maybe instead of chewing their nails all Winter in bad road conditions, they might prefer to read, do some work or surf, or even take a nap on the way to work. Who wants to arrive at work/school more exhausted than they would normally be @ the end of the day, & then face that awful drive Again to get home?) We could probably triple Go usage in a month, get more cars off Hamilton streets, & get even more off the 403, & get tons more people onto HSR, IF we committed to seeing farther than the end of our short stubby collective noses, & stopped playing the Blame Game Chant...Repeat after me: "City GOOOOOD!! Suburbs BAAAAAD!! CITY Sustainable!!! Suburbs Wasteful!!! )

I'm about at the point of saying, "If the 'Burbs are so wasteful & such a thorn in your self- righteous sides. then Cut Us Loose! Cuz after all, you can't have it both ways. If I have something that costs too much to maintain, I get rid of it. That's just common sense."

Honestly, rather than having the awful service that we pay for now, I'd say`, "Get Rid Of It Completely." WHY SHOULD WE PAY TAXES FOR A USELESS PIECE OF TOKEN POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? If Hamilton cannot/will not commit to their own propaganda talking point of 'Consistency' (B.S.!!)then please abandon it, for everyone's sake. Nobody likes a liar, even if they are "consistent" in their fables.

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