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By TreyS (registered) | Posted November 27, 2009 at 16:23:52

@ Rural in Nature Ask yourself this.......

I will never receive the open-heart surgery that you might.. Why should I pay that?

I'm tired of hearing the suburban residents say "amalgamation..... that I didn't ask for"..... did you ask for universal healthcare, did you ask for subsidized college/university, did you ask that you pay for your own 8 miles of paved road that leads to yours and one other house?

@ James And if you think Burlington offers better transit.. then go for it. Have you ever seen a bus in Burlington... with people actually on it? Have you seen their libraries? Their community centers? What they charge for ice-rink time, public pools/swimming lessons.... DOESN'T EVEN come close to what Hamilton offers.

Hamilton has its issues but dollar for dollar Hamilton offers great value for the taxes, in terms of transit, DARTS, community centers, pools, hockey rinks, policing, firefighting, rescue response, education, proximity to emergency care, diversity of economic living... i could go on and on. Hamilton beats any other 'city' in the GTA in these respects. But some residents don't want to pay for it. Maybe bc their current situation allows them to say "I don't need it... I'm not paying for it". But where do you think you're going to live if something (God forbid) happened to you and you needed special services/care, subsidized housing. You'll need to live in a real city that can accommodate your special needs, with housing, transit, therapy, community services. Try and get that in Glamflambastardstown.

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