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By TreyS (registered) | Posted November 27, 2009 at 15:53:52

@ grassroots

I agree. Creativity and (Imagination) can't be taught.... If I can suggest two things that might help an unrealized creative mind to someone who just 'needs the shot'... and doesn't have the official creds.

  1. Internship. Many Ad Agencies will take on an intern. Mind you, you'll be doing some not-fun stuff. like making coffee/LCBO runs or last minute food pickup for a client meeting. But you will learn the creative business, because you will likely be allowed to join some creative meetings and client presentations. Just don't say anything at a client meeting. You might have to be prepared to take minimum wage or consider it 'volunteer' work.

  2. There is nothing to stop you from taking an existing ad or brand and writing your thoughts and opinions about it. Perhaps say why you think the strategy and execution is good or what could be improved. Write it down and send it to some ad agencies and design firms. Nothing fancy, just articulate what you think. Creative professionals will 'get it'... even in its most rudimentary form. Remember many a good creative started on a cocktail napkin. Everything starts from a blank page. It's when you 'jump' from that blank page, that is when creativity shows itself. The rest of the process and execution begins from where the 'creativity' landed. That's the easy part. The hard part, the creative part is the initial jump.

Then send those thoughts to an ad/marketing agency, design firm, PR shop asking if you could do some intern work.

You could have an MBA in Marketing it doesn't mean you're creative.

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