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By James (registered) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 17:08:44


Where on earth has everyone gotten the idea that Hamilton taxpayers subsidize those In outlying areas (I'm avoiding the term burbs here because quite frankly, Hamilton mountain is far more sprawled out than my town of Waterdown). Property values are higher outside of Hamilton which means tax receipts are higher. Really then, it's the opposite, outlying communities subsidize the old city. Meanwhile, the outlying areas portion of costs ALREADY included in our property taxes nowhere near represent what we receive in terms of services (nor should they - our populations are lower and we don't need many of the services for sociology-economic reasons). The objection from those in outlying areas is therefore - we already subsidize the City enough and won't accept any more. If the new city were to deamalgamate tomorrow - the old city of Hamilton would be broke in a second.

Secondly, the capital costs for new development are paid for through development charges and by anticipated future tax receipts. Operating costs (plowing roads) are also paid for through tax receipts FROM THE NEW DEVELOPMENTS. That's why staff and council are always okay with a new Walmart even though their policies don't support it - the amount of tax money they provide is huge relative to their burden on the city's operating costs.

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