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By Rural in Nature (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 11:22:36

Interesting subject, as a family that lives in a rural part of the now greater City of Hamilton I was not asked to join, nor was I provided better services after amalgamation. I am all for transit, but to be honest, transit will never come anywhere near a 5 km radius of my house or farm. Why should I then pay for services I do not receive? I would agree to pay if under your model all citizens rural and urban where 500 metres walking distance to transit, which we know will not happen. If the old City of Hamilton wants me to foot the bill for the services I will never receive. Then I agree with poster James, it is time to get out and/or allow us rural communities the right to split and take care of ourselves. Which I might point out, was the model before forced amalgamation that required less taxes and better service for us the rural community.
This would also solve the problem of Ward 8 (take your pick of Hamilton urban wards) paying for infrastructure improvements in the rural communities of Flambourgh, Glanbrook, Mount Hope etc.
By the way, Glanbrook would gladly give all your garbage back that we now take at the Edward’s Landfill site.
My two cents.

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