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By James (registered) | Posted November 26, 2009 at 07:23:05

Just a few extra points to respond:

  • I take the HSR to Aldershot GO station every day and live in a townhouse which is far more energy efficient than any of the building stock in the old city. So I would ask you all to get off your high horses about unsustainable living outside the city. What about the mountain? It's 60 foot lots are far larger thanmy meager 20.

  • I don't believe Route 18 would or necessarily should improve. I'm the only person on it most of the time and it's wasteful monetarily and environmentally to run an empty bus all over town.

  • Waterdown residents do not want or need Hamilton to come in and provide improved services. Waterdown had no community centre and so people in the town (rather than municipal staff) got together, raised money, held spaghetti dinners spending a decade on getting a YMCA. It's a fantastic fee-based not-for-profit that I pay market rates for but underpriveledged can use for free. Are you all telling me that the City can do better? Bullshit.

  • The difference in taxes is 50 percent which is about 150 bucks in my case. That translates into 45 grand a year on a mortgage. Considering I'd get nothing more for that extra cash and the folks at Hamilton city hall will squander it paying inflated prices for buildings to their friends at LIUNA...are you starting to understand our frustration?

  • Agree about provincial transfer payments. Those assholes at Queen's Park need to start paying for the services they mandate...if I was in charge, I would send a bill to the province sometime in 2011 (election year) and threaten to stop paying for them. But that won't happen, because we're complacent in this country led by political windbags rather than people of character with the nuts to make tough decisions.

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