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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted November 24, 2009 at 18:50:29

Wow! lots more comments of Locke St...

I kinda made a mistake new Cheeze shop. It's west side just noticed signs other day but same friend/aquaintance owned antique shop. I still can't wait til that old house(east side) is complete to snap new pic to paint later.
Too bad almost most even same people I know personally go to Starbucks. Gee, even my "friend" Rob Finlay (redish hair with glasses smiling) group shot on billboard & on back of yellow phone book...I hired him yrs ago when I was hit by car riding regular bike. He was referred by friend of mine(ex landlord) but I'm not fond of even friends with chip on shoulder. But that's fine if just there for coffee and not have your nose above your head. that would make a great painting or drawing wearing a shirt "I frequent Starbucks....I think I'm important..."

kidding or being ironic etc....a cafe is a cafe...

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