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By frank (registered) | Posted November 23, 2009 at 11:22:33

Lake Ave is a prime example. It's a secondary roadway that gets used as a bypass for Centennial. Now that traffic is lighter on Centennial there's less traffic on Lake Ave. It's a 40 kph speed limit between Barton and Delawana but never really approaches that speed because it's a 2 lane thoroughfare that's straight as an arrow. If that road had traffic bumpouts, pedestrian crosswalks and the city could build a parking area/picnic area in the park there that'd be perfect. Slower, lighter traffic with access - liveable.

Its simple to modify access without making roadways that look like onion skin, curving in weird ways and joining up at odd locations. I lived in a survey like that. It's insane to get out of it.

I also don't think that limiting access is a way to get around poor planning in the first place. If said roadways were built to promote on street parking, access for pedestrians, and slowed down with the use of speed humps (not bumps) they would be far more effective neighbourhoods.

Access is only one variable... If one limits access and still plans like an idiot, you still get idiocy...just idiocy that less people see.

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