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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted November 22, 2009 at 20:43:42

Overheard this conversation between a mother and child on York Blvd at MacNab N this saturday... "Be careful son, we're not at home, there is a lot of traffic here." Just as she says this a pick-up truck flies by doing no less than 80 km/h. Here is my take on one way streets from what I have heard from numerous outsiders and people in the suburbs. It may be anecdotal, but when you hear the same comments year after year, you start to think there is something to it. People from out of town (Burlington and GTA) hate our one way streets because they think it is hard to get around. That is what they say anyway. Either these people are just haters or they just can't drive, since a one way street system in a grid like pattern actually makes it easier to navigate. These people miss the point entirely. The irony is that these people are actually fearful of the poverty and urban blight of our downtown and although they point to the one way streets as the cause of their dislike, it is the one way streets that have helped facilitate this decay.

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