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By Checkitout (anonymous) | Posted November 20, 2009 at 14:04:29

I have enjoyed making the trek to Hamilton to enjoy some of the well known areas that are often mentioned on this website and Locke Street is actually one of my favourite places in Hamilton to go - it actually removes the feeling of big city hautiness and really puts things in perspective and gives people a chance to breathe.

I understand the fear of a Starbucks opening and changing the face of Locke Street somewhat - and change is difficult for those that find comfort in old things. I am not sure people have really been complaining about capitalism - or more about having to deal with change.

Me - change is good - it brings a bit of snap to the air we breathe. Maybe the next time I go to Locke - I will stop in at Starbucks - but it won't be my last stop on the street.

You can almost hear a song like the "King of Kensington" when you walk down the street. Perhaps there should be a song dedicated to Locke street. Give it a bit of dimension to its personality.

any ideas?

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