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By everywhere (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2009 at 16:28:07

Nice lots of posts...again!

This time read every1. I remember the Red Room think an eccentric art gallery gallery/cafe? Didn't do well and I was invited to display my art back then.

I go to all the cafes, some I prefer more than others. I like Bad Dog though slowed down Courtyard Cafe bit. I take my mug in and get the "green" discount. I have been going to Tim's on Dundurn for same reason and I like the brightness there for when I do my sketching.

I like Williams and now again My Joe Dogs. I sort of don't mind Starbucks but sometimes way too crowded makes me scratch my head noting the 2 up the Street are often empty especially early morning(Bad Dog/Courtyard)

The road newly paved on Dundurn St is much prettier now than the rest of it.

I know another business moving to Ottawa St soon I will post after it happens. Personal reasons I'm uncertain I'm fond of yet. Made a promise not to say yet....


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