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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted November 14, 2009 at 22:43:58

I wasn't complaining, great! I just don't trust anyone at City Hall especially Llyod. I'll bet anything that they inflated the numbers and timelines to spin a good news story on a controversial project. They even make good news stories out of people who don't pay their property taxes by talking about the interest charges. If it is such a good thing, they should start sending thank you notes for not paying as it is so lucrative.

On another note, wait and see with the concrete. It will look terrible in a few years. I'm sure it will start staining around the seams and ooze down the panels. Just look at how stucco is holding up on buildings along King Street, like the Canadian School of Dental Hygiene.

I just hope they maintain the new old City Hall and invest in a pressure washer and keep it presentable.

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