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By locke st comments (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2009 at 13:05:28

I do not like Starbucks, neither it's corporate policy nor it's mild pretense in it's products. However, it has worked out for the street. It is sad really, that such branding draws people like it does, but it is working and so long as the whole street does not follow, it is not worth debate.
That is with one exception. What drives me nuts is the waste with all the cups going straight to landfill. Just check out the garbage can out front. Tim's and the Bagel shop's customers are just as bad but a simple recycling bin would do wonders, better yet, for in store customers, what about real coffee cups?
It should be interesting if the new shop will make enough "cheddar" to keep the chees shop going and wish them the best of luck. Not being a cheese expert, I hope their simple cheddars will be affordable.
Overall it is a great street especially for people with disposable income because it is also far from the most affordable. But that is part of the price you pay I guess for small business success and many specialty stores.

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