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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 21:26:16

All I can say is the City blew it again. They should have sold the whole property. They could have bought both CIBC towers for half the cost of renovating that old dinosaur. 350,000 square feet, way more then needed which could have been leased out. Staff probably could have been accommodated at no cost! What better buildings for City Hall in Hamilton then a giant H (the two buildings are connected). That would have put the City in a bette light especially when you add in the Lister Block screw up. 50,000 square feet for $40 million. When will they learn?

On another note, it is easy to come in underbudget and ahead of schedule when they probably overbudgeted and estimated the timelines longer. Way to go! Don't count your chickens until all the eggs have hatched Llyod, nobody is in the building yet! No doubt there will be issues............they probably be swept under the rug though to save face.

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