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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 12, 2009 at 08:06:23

What do you say, can we meet half way?

Why don't you collect your thoughts and data and present it as a coherent article so that we can all ponder the idea and have a civil discussion about it. If it makes sense (no one is saying it doesn't) then maybe a group will break out of the noise and attempt to get the plan implemented.

In case you didn't understand the first 50 times people told you this, the reason no one is receptive to your posts is not necessarily because they disagree with the concepts, it's because they disagree with being dragged into the discussion on every single article, none of which are related to your pet topic.

I never claimed that LRT was a solitary magic bullet. But it is a huge piece of a multi-piece puzzle.

Older streetcars were not the same as modern LRT when they were originally installed. It's not about the brightness of the chrome, it's about functionality, accessibility, speed, etc.

Modern light rail moves people at speeds closer to subways than to streetcars, with less infrastructure cost. You don't have to travel very far from Hamilton to witness the fact that Toronto's old-style streetcars do not move nearly as many people nearly as fast as their subway does. The evidence is under your nose yet you can't smell it?

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