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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted November 11, 2009 at 16:35:58

seancb >> It is much different than subway/EL in that it keeps riders (and their eyes) at street level.

An F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Question) - What's the difference between tramways and light rail?

Mike Taplin, the LRTA's Chairman answers:...there is no definite border line between streetcar and light rail - they merge gradually from one to another, and as a streetcar system gets upgraded it becomes light rail. A lot of this is to do with planning jargon; streetcars are seen to be old fashioned whereas light rail is trendy!

You know what else is TRENDY? Shops and stores that people can buy things at if they don't have to pay high taxes to support a rail system that needs to be subsidized in order to stay in business.

LRT is nothing more than a excuse for politicians and lefties to get their hands on other people's money.

Answer this, if LRT is such a great investment, then why can't it be financed privately? If the LRT is going to attract thousands of new riders, why can't it be operated like the old HSR, as a private business? Since we know that most of the businesses in recent years that have received government handouts have been FAILED businesses, why should we believe that the LRT will be any different?

Too many questions, too few answers. The LRT is a not a investment, because if it was, investors would VOLUNTARILY contribute money to it. The fact that this isn't happening and that the money needs to be forcibly taken from people indicates this is just another unprofitable scheme in a long line of money losing schemes.

Two thumbs down for money losing, wealth destroying, "trendy" streetcars.

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