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By Go Cats (aka Capitalist) (anonymous) | Posted November 11, 2009 at 15:12:58

The building across the street from GO was redeveloped 15 years after GO train came to downtown.

Chateau Royale began redevelopment about 12-14 years after Go train arrival (I understand that there are many units in that building unsold).

Is this your idea of the benefits of derived from enhanced standards? Just these two projects in 15 years.

London Tap house replaces the old fried green tomates restaurant that was in that location, and is too far away to be a result of the proximity to Go transit. In fact, most of the downtown has DECLINED since GO Train came to the core.

I am at the GO station downtown everyday, with the exception of Chateau Royale and the redevelopment of that building across the street (i think it is now a law firm) there has been no significant developments in that area.

If transit is such a catalyst for development then why is it that the area surrounding the GO station has not seen any new developments in the early 1990s when GO train first arrived to the city???

I would especially like to hear from Ryan and Jason on this.

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