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By Dave Kuruc (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2009 at 16:08:47

"Anyway I don't think Swiss Chalet is going to be treated as a priority when it comes to reworking our transportation corridors."

Ha - Swiss Chalet IS big business in Hamilton. I can't believe they interviewed a fast-food place about their thoughts on Light Rail and the impacts it will have. Ask the owner of Popeye's Chicken to write an Op-Ed next - that will get folks reading! Of course he isn't going to want things to change - he LOVES Queenston the way it is. My heart sinks everytime I go by that part of town - it is a wreck. Planned horribly and so ugly. The East-End of my childhood has disappeared. The kid in me and the adult I become fully approve of Light Rail shaking up this tired way of thinking.

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