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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 10, 2009 at 14:18:59

Jason said "and don't forget, Main will be two-way just like Mohawk or any other regular street."

Great Point to use when LRT opponents complain about loss of lanes. I'll simply explain to them that King St would be converted two-way, much how Mohawk Rd is on the Mountain, and we don't see traffic jams up there. Along with Main's two-to-four general purpose lanes, there would still be enough room for the overflow from King St.

Also, if they argue it's 'not fast', I'll reply "take either Burlington St, Hwy-403 or RHVP to the Linc; Or better yet, JUMP ON THE LRT!"

One way I've gotten through to some old-timers is by using the TiCats Express success as an example (especially in reagards to the 'No Parking' concern for PanAm Stadium). I simply remind them that it'll be the same as it is now, expect they'll be riding a sexy, electric, light rail train rather than a city bus. It usually works!

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