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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 10, 2009 at 10:26:45

I also like seeing differing LRT options for this area.

For A-line (1st Phase) I still like the Hughson Street Transit Mall from TH&B to Cannon, down James to LIUNA/Stuart St (use that empty lot as a Station/Transfer to GO/Via platforms), then West along Stuart to the stadium.

I walk this route sometimes and can't help but see the benefits along Hughson where all the empty lots are North of King. And that plaza at Wilson & Cannon is just dying to be an LRT station!

Jamesville would benefit like crazy from Light Rail strolling down it, while the GO/Via/A-Line LRT connection across from LIUNA will attract thousands of commuter-types to this part, and downtown as a whole.

I also see more parking potential at the James North GO area. Just GoogleMap it to see for yourself. Also, there's tons of potential in that area for a GO Parking Garage, such as the new'ish one at Burlington GO.

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