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By NortheastWind (registered) | Posted November 09, 2009 at 21:28:35

Great article. I couldn't agree more. Further to your points, there are two local factors that make the vicinity of the airport a very poor choice for a new stadium. Weather and Wildlife!

Weather in Mount Hope, the highest point between Hamilton City and Lake Erie at 230m Above Sea Level can be quite different than the lower city at 90m ASL. Especially when the temperature hovers around the freezing point, and the dew point.

Secondly, birds and aircraft do not get along. Stadums are a huge draw of birds, especially gulls, which flock and are not small so pose an increased risk to aviation safety. The aircraft that went down on the hudson river earlier this year was because of a bird, a Canada Goose to be exact.

The Bird Strike issue is a major concern in the aviation community which includes airports, airlines, air forces, and state aviation experts. In Canada that is Transport Canada who indicate that recreational facility's, which draw a lot of people and in turn birds, are a hazard to aircraft. This can be viewed on their website:

I am optimistic though that the right decision will be made and a new stadium for all Hamiltonian's will be built on the former Rheem property.

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